Pollinator & Habitat Sanctuaries

Lageia Village Cyprus

Pollinator Sanctuary

Bee Hotels from € 25 /€ 55 

Fennel Lodge € 45

Bee inspection Station € 45

The Bat Motel € 40 

Bee Hotel with Thatch Roofing € 55

Hedgehog Station € 55

Various Insect Stations

As most of our craft work involves the re/cycling of wood from around our village building wood structures and personal items we should bear in mind what mother nature is doing to help the creation of our planet, so in return to help in some form we are now creating a series of habitats for insects and pollinators at our craft shop. There are many insect species which depend on our natural ecosystems, and hopefully we can help create a new wildlife reserve sanctuary here in our village regarding wildlife conservation and habitat protection.